Information here will be updated as necessary.

Entry into the territory of the Czech Republic

Geocaching in the city centre

City centre is generally crowded, consider to visit geocaches in the centre rather early morning.


Book your accommodation well ahead. May is a start of peak season.

Accomodation in south east parts of Prague will help you to avoid complicated traffic in the city centre.

Prague offers wide variety of accomodation - use your favorite booking site to find accomodation that fits your needs and budget.

Getting around the city

We strongly suggest using the public transport for travel around the city, especially the center. Prague's excellent transport system allows you to get around the city quickly and safely.

You can reach the event venue by tram, bus, or even by boat. You can by public transport tickets for 72 hours for approx 12 EUR -

More information about the public transport -

Driving to Prague

You need to pay for highway (motorway). Purchase 10 days sticker, for roughly 13 EUR. Try to buy it before you enter the country - you should be able to get it in any petrol station on the way to the Czech Republic.

You do not need emission sticker, there are no "Umwelt ZONE" in Prague.


If you arrive by car, find a safe parking space and leave the car for the weekend.

Event venue has no designated parking area. Parking in nearby streets is either free during weekends (purple zones) or reserved for locals residents only (blue zones).

Parking tips by Prague city -

Disabled parking at the event - please contact us at

Money at event

Our event shop will accept card payments, cash euros, czech crowns.

Food stalls within the event venue will accept cash euros, most of them will accept cards. Cash euros will be accepted only in banknotes, not coins. Same applies for payment of entry fee.

There is an ATM at the event venue and several more in close proximity.

Money generally

Official currency is Czech crown. The Euro is accepted in many places but certainly not everywhere. Cash in euros may not be accepted especially in smaller venues - small shops, market stalls, kiosks.

Credit cards and debit cards are widely accepted, so there is no need to have large amounts of cash at hand. You can pay larger amounts by cards and take along some cash for smaller payments and places that do not accept cards.