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Celebration of 20 Years of Geocaching

1–3 May 2020, Prague

Event starts in:

Yes, it is still far ahead, but please make a note in your calendar already now.

It will be a really large event with many interesting activities - including GPS Maze Europe!

Side events

(GC7WWW4) Meet&Greet Friday 1/5/2020


and some more are beeing prepared…

Listings will be published in 2020. Side events can be published maximum six months ahead. 

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Geocaching events

Events are meeting of geocachers. Events offer opportunity to meet other geocachers and interesting program.

Bigger events are called mega or giga events. In order to achieve megaevent icon the event must have 500 or more registered participants. In order to achieve gigaevent status event must have minimum 3000 registered geocachers. Geocachers register through Will Attend log.